Add shows to your plan and let RideMax figure out the timing for you!

New RideMax for Disney World features include:

  • Support for Shows and Parades. This has been our most-requested feature, and we've listened to your feedback! Most shows and parades are now displayed in the RideMax list of available attractions, so you can add these to your plan just as you would any other attraction, and let RideMax tell you when to see them. With date-specific showtimes now included in the software, we expect this feature to appeal to ANYONE wishing to visit Walt Disney World, even those who use other planning tools. RideMax now makes it easy to map out a game plan for all of those shows at Hollywood Studios, as well as the little shows playing at Epcot's World Showcase! Why try to figure out the timing for these shows on your own, when RideMax can do it for you?!

  • New Parade and Showtime Options. You may want to let RideMax choose all of your showtimes for you, as this can result in a more optimum plan. But if you wish to visit a show at a specific showtime, there is new a tab on the RideMax "Plan Options" screen which allows you to do this. Do you want RideMax to only schedule you for the late show of Fantasmic!? These new options make this a breeze!

  • More Scheduled Break Options. We've expanded the number of scheduled breaks allowed in RideMax from two to five. In addition, you may now specify a name and location for your break -- including most theme park restaurants -- and these will appear on your plan.

  • New FASTPASS Runner Options. Does your FASTPASS runner really care if while he or she is off collecting FASTPASSes, the rest of the group visits Dumbo or the Toontown play area? You can now tell RideMax which specific attractions your FASTPASS runner is willing to miss, and RideMax will take this into account when creating your plan. Why keep your group waiting for your runner to return, if the runner doesn't care about missing a minor attraction or two?

With Disney World showtimes included, and all of the other powerful advantages RideMax now offers, why not download your copy and start planning your Disney World vacation today?!!

One final note: Shortly after this new version's release, Mike Demopoulos of MousePlanet.com tested a RideMax plan at Hollywood Studios along with the author of RideMax, Mark Winters. If you're interested in seeing how this plan worked, you can listen to the resulting podcast by following this link where Mike and Mark both discuss RideMax.


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