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Our guarantee is simple: Order your RideMax subscription and use it to create touring plans for the dates of your visit,
for the attractions you want to ride. If, after using these touring plans at the Disney park(s) you don't feel like they
were worth the price of your subscription, simply contact us by email within 30 days of your purchase and explain the
reason for your dissatisfaction. We'll then refund the full price of your subscription.

The fine print:

  • Are your visit dates available?

    Disneyland only releases park hours and entertainment schedules about 40-45 days in advance, and we depend on these for our touring plans. You can expect to see dates available in RideMax sometime after Disneyland has published park hours for any give date. In general, we advise creating your "final" plans as close to your visit date as possible.

  • We’re closed on Sundays

    We've made the personal decision to not gather wait time statistics on Sunday, and you won't be able to select Sunday as your "visit date" in RideMax. We do, however, offer advice for using RideMax to map out a Sunday visit in our "Tips & Hints" pages, and many customers have reported success using this advice to plan a Sunday visit.

  • Check your phone

    We've tested our mobile version on iPhone, Android, and iPad with great results. RideMax doesn't support the older, "non-touch" versions of Blackberry. If you subscribe but find RideMax doesn't work on your phone -- and you don't wish to use RideMax on your computer -- let us know and we'll issue a refund per our 30-day guarantee.

  • Thinking about early entry?

    We're not big fans of Disneyland's Magic Morning and Extra Magic Hours programs, where Disney's hotel guests have access to some park attractions one hour before the normal park opening time. Although you won't be able to select your plan's start time to include the early entry hour, we do offer advice for using Magic Morning in our "Tips & Hints" pages, including recommended touring orders for both parks.